The Oldest House in the USA – Award-Winning Finalist for 2014 USA Book Awards

The Oldest House in the USA was named an award-winning finalist in the Children’s Non-Ficiton category for the 2014 USA Book Awards: The story is about the oldest house in the Untied States located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and written by Kat Aragon, was first built in the 13th century and inhabited by indigenous people and Spanish settlers. It … Read More

Research About English Learners

Click here to watch Dr. Echevarria present research about English Learners! At a recent Literacy Leadership symposium, Dr. Jana Echevarria presented on who are our English Learners today and provided research about English Learners. The Latino population leads the country in population growth over the past 10 years, according to the U.S. Census reports, and Spanish is the largest second … Read More

Reaching out to Spanish-speaking Parents

Reaching out to Spanish-speaking parents is a new focus for all schools across America. More than 80% of all English Learners are Spanish-speaking, and the Latino population is the fastest growing segment of our population in the USA. Lectura Books publishes books for The Latino Family Literacy Project™ and can help schools to provide effective programs for Spanish-speaking parents to … Read More

Boy Zorro and The Bully Awarded Gold Medal Moonbeam Book Award

Boy Zorro and The Bully – Awarded Gold Medal for Moonbeam Book Award Spanish Language Picture Book Category Nation’s only bilingual children’s book publisher dedicated to Parent Involvement for English Learners Los Angeles, CA—Lectura Books, the nation’s only bilingual children’s book publisher dedicated to Parent Involvement, today announced that it has been awarded the Gold Medal for the Moonbeam Book … Read More

Bilingual Books for EL Students

One of the challenges that English Learners face today is that students may not have the resources to have books at home, or parents may not fully understand the importance of having books in the home, or even how to read with their children. Research about Second Language Acquisition Theory demonstrates the importance of fostering home language, for strong first … Read More

Research study links behavior control to language skills

In several studies published in the journals Development and Psychopathology, and the Journal of Abnormal Psychology, researchers tracked children’s language development from preschool through the early teen-age years, comparing language skills with behavior issues rated by parents and teachers, as well as the students’ performance on impulse-control tests and were able to link behavior control to language skills. “The children … Read More

Boy Zorro and The Bully Book Heralded on The Huffington Post

Boy Zorro and the Bully, the latest book published by Lectura Books, was heralded in The The Huffington Post as part of a commentary on the bullying plague in our schools. The post, “The Bullying Epidemic and Ways to Counter It,” examined the sweeping wave of bullying in schools in the U.S. as well as in other countries. In the … Read More

Bullying is the focus of National Initiative

Bullying is a focus of a National Initiative with more than 170 Mayors across America. The U.S. Conference of Mayors announced that more than 170 cities have joined an anti-bullying initiative to combat the epidemic of bullying. This initiative is a collaborative with The Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying, The Bully Project, and a team at the University of Illinois. … Read More

How Much Do Books Really Matter? New Study recently published a new study about how a students availability to books in primary school makes a tremendous impact on the reading habits of a student. In today’s world of controversy about digital books or printed books, it leaves people questioning – do books really matter? The positive outcomes were: -Increasing the number of books available to students increased … Read More