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Online Webinars

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A 1.5 hour online training that is grade level specific is offered by The Latino Family Literacy Project™. The webinar will cover research and trends, provide a cultural foundation and framework for understanding Hispanic parents and how to get them involved in the school community, age-specific program training, and ELD tools and curriculum.

The training workshop provides everything needed to implement the program, including a cultural competency overview for working with Hispanic ESL parents, and uses the step-by-step method for each age appropriate program.

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In-Person District Workshops

For a minimum of 15 attendees, we will come to your school district for a private 3.5 hour workshop at the date, time, and location of your choice. Your staff will be trained to use all of our age-appropriate programs. The district-wide workshops are available at no additional charge beyond the standard registration fee per person. Select a date for your workshop and contact us!

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