Online Professional Development for School Staff | Parent Involvement with English Learners

Online Video Webinars

A 1.5 hour online video training for school staff is offered by The Latino Family Literacy Project™, a White House Award-winner for Educational Excellence with Hispanics. This research-based parent involvement program for Spanish-speaking parents will help to improve family reading, reading comprehension, vocabulary development and ESL. The webinar will cover research and trends, provide a cultural foundation for working with Hispanic parents and how to get them involved in the school community, in reading with their kids, and building language skills.

The training workshop provides everything needed to implement the program, including a cultural competency overview for working with Hispanic ESL parents, and uses an award-winning step-by-step method with curriculum (which will be shipped to you upon registration) for each age appropriate program.

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In-Person District Workshops

For a minimum of 15 attendees, we will come to your school district for a private 3.5 hour workshop at the date, time, and location of your choice, or you can schedule a district group video webinar training. Your staff will be trained to use all of our age-appropriate programs. The in-person district-wide workshops are available at no additional charge beyond the standard registration fee per person. Select a date for your workshop and contact us!

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