Early Readers – Bilingual Nonfiction Titles
By various authors
Illustrated by various illustrators

Tom Max in the Wild West / Tom Max en el Viejo Oeste
By Tomás Maximilano Benavídez,
Illustrated by Luciano Martinez

The Art of Memory / El arte de recordar
Written and illustrated by 10 different artists

Where Love Begins / Donde comienza el amor
By Helen Nieto Phillips
Illustrations by Susan Arena

My Super Cool Friends
By The Lectura Books Preschool Team
Illustrations by Luciano Martinez

Letters Forever / Cartas para siempre
By Tom Luna
Illustrations by Laura Alvarez

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Letters Forever -- When Camila’s grandfather moves to Mexico they write letters to each other. The letters help ease her pain.

BabyTalk Bilingual Board Books
By Katherine Del Monte
Illustrations by Noel Ill

Award Winning Books -- BabyTalk Bilingual Board Books Review for Baby/Toddler

Boy Zorro and The Bully / El niño zorro y el peleón
By Kat Aragon
Illustrations by Noel Ill

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Boy Zorro and the Bully -- Every day Benny Lopez wakes up looking for a way to help people. One day he finds a mask and wears it while helping an elderly lady cross a busy street. With that act of grace, he becomes Boy Zorro—defender of good.

The Oldest House in the USA / La casa más antigua de los Estados Unidos
By Kat Aragon
Illustrations by Mary Jo Madrid

Children's Bilingual Book Review: The Oldest House in the USA -- The oldest house in the USA was probably built in the thirteenth century. Over time it has been home to many different people and perhaps most famously, a ghost or two.

Birdie Flies Away / Pajarillo se va volando
By Kat Aragon
Illustrated by Andrea Yomtob

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Birdie Flies Away -- This is a story about how we all grow at our own pace. Some are ready to leave the nest early, while others need a little more time.

The Many Faces of Max / Las muchas caras de Max
By Katherine Del Monte
Illustrations by Susan Arena

Children's Bilingual Book Review: The Many Faces of Max -- Max is a dog who loves his family and they love him. He wears his feelings right on his face. If he’s sad, you know it. If he’s happy, you can tell. Sometimes silly, sometimes sad, Max is always loveable.

I See the World / Yo veo el mundo
By Tom Luna
Illustrations by Christina Song

Children's Bilingual Book Review: I See the World -- Whether in the sky or on the ground the world is filled with beauty, animals, toys, and the joy of seeing what the world has to offer.

Teo in Palo Verde/ Teo en Palo Verde
By Adam Del Rio
Illustrations by Noel Ill

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Teo in Palo Verde -- The second in the Teo series. Teo and his family move to a new area in Los Angeles. This story teaches us that even the smallest token of kindness can help connect people.

The Shark That Taught Me English/
El tiburón que me enseñó inglés

By Michelle Markel
Illustrations by Bo Young Kim

Children's Bilingual Book Review: best books for learning english

Carlito’s Story / La historia de Carlito
By Max Benavidez & Katherine Del Monte

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Carlito's Story -- The companion book to Graciela’s Dream; 13-year-old Carlito joins a gang and is arrested. His family faces a crisis: what can they do to save their son from gang life? This is a story that will hold the attention of middle and high school readers.

Vines of the Earth / Parras de la tierra
By Adam Del Rio
Illustrated by David Arroyo

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Vines of the Earth -- Inspired by the true stories of farm workers who became winemakers in the Vines of the Earth — Napa Valley region of California, this is a story of motivation and perseverance.

Maria de Flor: A Day of the Dead Story / Una historia del día de los muertos
By Max Benavidez

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Maria de Flor -- A sweet story about the preservation of love across generations and the meaning of the Day of the Dead, a special time of bittersweet remembrance and family traditions.

Graciela’s Dream / El sueño de Graciela
By Katherine Del Monte & Max Benavidez
Illustrations by Noel Ill

Children's Bilingual Book Review: Graciela's Dream -- Aimed at middle-school Latino students who need to start thinking about college, the book, depicts the struggle of one young girl as she tries to convince her parents to support her college-going goal.