Boy Zorro and The Bully Book Heralded on The Huffington Post

Boy Zorro and the Bully, the latest book published by Lectura Books, was heralded in The The Huffington Post as part of a commentary on the bullying plague in our schools. The post, “The Bullying Epidemic and Ways to Counter It,” examined the sweeping wave of bullying in schools in the U.S. as well as in other countries. In the … Read More

Bullying is the focus of National Initiative

Bullying is a focus of a National Initiative with more than 170 Mayors across America. The U.S. Conference of Mayors announced that more than 170 cities have joined an anti-bullying initiative to combat the epidemic of bullying. This initiative is a collaborative with The Mayor’s Campaign to End Bullying, The Bully Project, and a team at the University of Illinois. … Read More

How Much Do Books Really Matter? New Study recently published a new study about how a students availability to books in primary school makes a tremendous impact on the reading habits of a student. In today’s world of controversy about digital books or printed books, it leaves people questioning – do books really matter? The positive outcomes were: -Increasing the number of books available to students increased … Read More

We Need Diverse Books Campaign

Many people responded to the recent call for diverse books. Lectura Books publishes books specifically for Hispanic families in a bilingual format. When a family sees a family like theirs, there is so much to talk about! The book all of a sudden comes to life and that makes reading so much more engaging and fun. Where did the We … Read More