Our 3 Favorite Multicultural Bilingual Kindergarten Books

Our 3 Favorite Multicultural Bilingual Kindergarten Books Reading books to kindergarten children helps to put them on the right path to academic success.  Additionally, it also helps to open their minds to new concepts, experiences, and cultures.  During kindergarten, it is especially important to expose children to mirror and window books, which are books that they can see themselves or … Read More

Shared Reading – an Important Factor for ELs

Shared Reading – an Important Factor for ELs Shared reading is a concept that is highly important in the classroom setting, and is an especially important factor of English Learners (ELs).  Shared reading is when students and teacher read and examine a text together. This technique requires that the text being read is visible to both the students and the … Read More

Top Resources for Family Engagement

Top Resources for Family Engagement Family engagement is a process that is both collaborative and strengths-based in which education professionals, families, and children build positive and goal-oriented relationships.  In order for family engagement to be integrated throughout the education system, school officials and educators need to engage families and inform them that they are essential partners in the learning and … Read More

Teaching Vocabulary to Bilingual Preschoolers

Teaching Vocabulary to Bilingual Preschoolers Early childhood education plays an essential role in preparing bilingual preschoolers for academic success in the future.  Preschoolers who develop foundational language and literacy skills are more likely to begin kindergarten ready to learn how to read and write. It is important for teachers to teach vocabulary to bilingual preschoolers at their level.  Bilingual preschoolers … Read More

Hispanic Heritage Books

Hispanic Heritage Books Lectura Books has been publishing and distributing bilingual (English/Spanish) children’s books since 2001. We focus on quality bicultural and bilingual literature to offer Latinos a reflection of their diverse cultures and histories through relevant stories.  The dual language focus allows for Spanish-speaking parents and their children–who are learning English at school–a way to learn language together and … Read More

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

To kick-off this fun holiday that runs from September 15 through October 15, here are some awesome activities for Hispanic Heritage Month for communities, schools and families! The Scholastic literary resource organization suggests growing a heritage garden common to a lot of Spanish-speaking countries. Some of the staple crops can include peppers, squash, corn and beans. … Read More

The Differences between Bilingual and Dual Language Programs

The Differences between Bilingual and Dual Language Programs There are some distinct differences between bilingual and dual language programs. However, it’s often confusing as to what these differences are. Let’s take a look at what the sources say. It turns out the adjective “bilingual” is looked at in a few different ways depending on the associated words. For instance, a … Read More

Top 10 Hashtags in Education

Top 10 Hashtags in Education Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, these top 10 hashtags in education can provide you with tremendously helpful information. In essence, they are terrific resource to help you have important conversations and learn new things in the field of education. Let’s take a look at what they’re about. The Teach Thought website lists these … Read More

Migrant Parent Programs for Family Literacy

Title I, Part C—Migrant Parent Programs focuses on Family literacy, which brings together children and parents in an educational environment to facilitate and nurture the learning relationship between them. Family literacy works to better the educational performance of kids by creating a learning partnership between teachers, schools and parents, says the IA Department of Education. Research has found that students … Read More

Back-to-School Family and Community Engagement

Start the school year off right! Studies show that when parents take an active role in their children’s learning process, they often perform better in school. It’s important that teachers and staff are equal partners with parents, too. The responsibility for building the partnership rests mostly with the school. Family and community engagement goals should not be a one-time thing … Read More