3 Easy Ways to Use a Bilingual Book

3 Easy Ways to Use a Bilingual Book Research shows that the support for home language is important for the academic success of students. It bridges the home and school connection. Reading aloud at home between parents and kids is one way that parents can be involved in the school-going process with their children. Bilingual Books have been proven to … Read More

ELL Books and Resources for ESSA Parent Engagement

ELL Books and Resources for ESSA Parent Engagement Under the new federal law for ESSA, English learners become more than just one of many student subgroups whose academic achievements must be tracked by schools receiving federal Title I dollars for low-income children. Their progress toward English proficiency becomes a priority in a state’s school accountability system. Consistent with its shift of … Read More

Programs in Two Languages – A Growing Focus in USA

Though speaking a language other than English in schools in the United States has often been considered a defect to be corrected, a trait with little relevance to other students or an impediment to learning, other developed countries typically view the command of two or more languages as practically essential … Read More

What is Multicultural Literature?

The push for multicultural literature was a direct outgrowth of the Civil Rights movement in the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, says an article by the University of Texas (UNT) when describing multicultural literature. Although African Americans began the initial push, the movement was rekindled in the 1980s by Latinos, Native Americans … Read More

Improving ELL Reading

In improving ELL reading, educators must provide supporting activities that teach grammar, word development and vocabulary, says an article on improving ELL reading. Reading is an active skill that must be taught … Read More

Apps and Teaching ESL Students

In recent years, technology developers have concentrated their efforts on apps that teach English language learners (ELLs), says the article “Why Language Learning Apps Haven’t Helped Struggling ELL Students.” As a result, waves of language-learning apps are now available on the market. … Read More

Preventing ELLs from Dropping Out

Of the six states that account for approximately 70 percent of the country’s Hispanic students, only 50 percent of them graduated above the national average, says an article about preventing ELLs from dropping out. Arizona, which has one of the largest numbers of Hispanic students, experienced the second-sharpest decrease in overall graduation figures … Read More