Summer Reading and Activities with English Learners

Are you looking for books for English Learners to keep kids reading all summer long? Below is a list of bilingual books to help Spanish speaking kids develop their interest in reading and also learn English at the same time. Many bilingual books can be turned into activities for kids to do with their parents, so that their parents also have the opportunity to learn right along with their children.

Family Phonics – These phonics books help English Learners learn English and provides Spanish support if needed. The focus of these 3 books is on basic phonics, writing, and English pronunciation. These books will help both parents and kids learn English vocabulary together.

Letters Forever – Summer is a perfect time for writing letters. In this award-winning bilingual book, Camila misses her grandfather and can hardly wait for the next time to see him again. This is a common experience with many families who come to America and who long to see their family members again. This book will inspire both parents and students to write letters to family members.

Letters Forever: An Award-Winning Bilingual Book for Spanish Speakers

The Many Faces of Max – an adorable book about a dog and his family. This award-winning book can be read for fun with young children, and children can draw pictures of their beloved family pet or a pet they adore.

Amazing Mama – a perfect book to honor mothers. This bilingual book is a sweet tribute about the young authors expression of her love for her mother. In the back of the book, the young reader can draw their own picture of their mother.

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