Creating a Diverse Library at Schools

Library services that cater to children are in danger of becoming obsolete without turning a keen eye toward diversifying their collections. The world today has never been more culturally diverse and, as the country embraces so many different customs and values of people from all around the world, it’s important that our school libraries reflect these rich ancestries and traditions. … Read More

What is Phonics and What is Phonemic Awareness?

The English language, or any language for that matter, is comprised of many subtle, interacting, and overlapping components. When it comes to language acquisition, both written and spoken language possess distinct but related attributes and skillsets. This is where phonics and phonemic awareness come into play. Phonics Phonics describes the relationship between written symbols (letters) and sounds. When your child … Read More

How Can Parents Help Kids Maintain Their Home Language and Learn English too?

Many parents who do not speak English as a first language and/or who are in the process of becoming bilingual themselves are unsure of how to support their children’s bilingual development. One of the first steps you can take is to embrace and celebrate your child’s bilingualism as a strength that will serve them well throughout their lives in our … Read More

What is Multicultural Literature and Why the Importance?

Children are like small sponges. They absorb everything. Books can have the most significant impact on a child’s mind as it allows them to unleash the full power of their imagination. Reading is among the most enduring influences on shaping a child’s social conscience and world view; therefore, it is essential that a child has access to literature that presents … Read More

Common Practices and Values of the Top 6 High Schools

A research team from the Stanford Graduate School of Education released a study last month outlining the common practices and values of the top 6 high schools responsible for having an exemplary record of graduated and career-ready ELLs. The researchers profiled 7 key elements shared by all schools that contributed to their ELL success: Passionate, strategic, mission-driven leadership. Principals, assistant principals, … Read More

California Adopts New Curriculum Framework for English Learners

The California State Department of Education has adopted a new curriculum framework for English Learners in California, where one quarter of its students are English Learners. California is the first state to combine English language arts and English language development into a curriculum. This video, featured in the Common Core Channel, provides an overview of the English Language Arts/English Language … Read More

The Power of Family Engagement with Hispanic Parents

Family Engagement with Hispanic Parents We review research on parent involvement on an ongoing basis. In reviewing the research, major educational studies, and overviews of the evidence, it is clear that parent involvement works and is a powerful determinant in whether or not a child succeeds in school. The overwhelming research also concludes that the collaboration between parents and schools … Read More

Back-to-school teacher workshops for working with English learners

Teachers often need to be trained to work with parents at their schools if they are to effectively reach the student in class and meet their needs. Parents are the missing link in our education system. Working with parents can be particularly rewarding when you start to put together the pieces to the puzzle and fully understand the challenges, obstacles … Read More

English Learners in the United States – a Breakdown

The Spanish language is the second most spoken language in the United States after English. There are more Spanish speakers in the U.S. than there are speakers of Chinese, French, German, Italian, Hawaiian, and the Native American languages combined. And analysis of the 2011 American Community Survey by the Pew Research Center found that a record 37.6 million people ages … Read More

Building Home Libraries for English Learners

One of the services provided by Lectura Books is to work with schools to build lending or home libraries for English learners. The beauty of creating a lending library for students and their families is that it will help them to have the appropriate resources for reading and vocabulary building together. It also provides schools with an opportunity to communicate … Read More