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Week-end Book Review: The Oldest House in the USA by Kat Aragon and Mary Jo Madrid
December 2012

Bay Views Book Review -- The Oldest House in the USA
The Oldest House in the USA: “This book traces the history of the oldest house in the USA in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Built originally by Indians in 1200, it has had a wide variety of inhabitants, including Spaniards, Mexicans, and the ghost of an Indian man who lived and died
in the house. The clearly-written text enables young readers to understand the history of this house and its inhabitants. The Spanish text in this bilingual book is fine. The watercolor illustrations reflect the serviceable text’s contents. Teachers could add this non-fiction picture book to their units on Indians or the Southwest.” – Anna-Elva Pavan, Oakland PL

Story by Kat Aragon | Illustrated by Mary Jo Madrid
Ages: 5-8 | Specs: 21 color pages, 10” x 8”
Soft cover: 978-1-60448-016-0 | $8.95

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