Addressing Bullying in School through Books

One out of every four teenagers are bullied, and one out of five kids admit to being a bully, says the We are Teachers website in an article about addressing bullying in school through books. What’s even more alarming, it says, is that each month approximately 282,000 students are physically attacked … Read More

ELL Essentials: Language and Vocabulary Instruction

Vocabulary knowledge is so important for success in language, particularly in reading, says a well-researched journal article addressing ELL essentials, language and vocabulary instruction. Students aren’t able to understand what they read without understanding what the majority of the words mean. … Read More

The Six Best Bilingual Preschool Books for English Learners

Sure to put a big smile on the face of any lucky recipients this holiday season, the six best bilingual preschool books for English learners are real page-turners for the little ones! The collection can be used to build a home library, classroom checkout, a parent book club, an ESL program … Read More

The Six Best Bilingual Books for English Learners

Referred to as The House of Literacy, it includes a hand-selected set of bilingual books for home use. This special reading collection helps parents read with their children in Spanish and gives them the opportunity to practice English with them, too … Read More

Five Great Books for Family Literacy with English Learners

For holiday gift-giving, here are five great books for family literacy with English learners! First, though, before delving into what makes these books so fantastic, let’s take a look at what family literacy means exactly. The Ohio Literacy Resource Center says that family literacy is a term used to describe children. … Read More

Top 10 Teacher Apps for Teaching ESL

Though there are so many available on the market today, of which most are free, we’ve zoned in on the top ten teacher apps for teaching ESL. Let’s take a look! The wildly popular, English Educator blog, FluentU, recommends these four terrific apps: #1. FluentU takes videos, such as news and music videos, … Read More

Five Things You Should Know About Immigrants

Despite some negativity swirling around these days, according to significant research, immigrants contribute more to the nation than they take away, and here are five things you should know about immigrants … Read More