Top 10 Hashtags in Education

Top 10 Hashtags in Education

Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, these top 10 hashtags in education can provide you with tremendously helpful information. In essence, they are terrific resource to help you have important conversations and learn new things in the field of education. Let’s take a look at what they’re about.

The Teach Thought website lists these two hashtags as particularly useful:

1st#education is a hashtag about everything from homeschooling to classroom management to news in education. This one moves fast and has lots of users. If you’re new to hashtags, it’s an excellent place to start.

2nd#globaled recognizes that education doesn’t just take place in an American classroom. It’s global! Teachers and students can benefit a great deal by using the knowledge and resources associated with this one.

The Educators’ Technology website states that these five are some of the best:

3rd#ipaded provides tremendous information on the various ways that iPads can be used in the classroom.

4th#edtech is a popular hashtag related to educational technology, in general. You can also use it to follow tips, news and updates in this area.

5th#appsforkids, as the name suggests, provides terrific information about apps specifically for young learners.

6th#highered is a hashtag used to glean information about higher education, such as colleges and universities, and online learning as well.

7th#web20 is related to social networking, education mash-ups, teaching communities and user-generated content.

The Edudemic website recommends that we take a look at these next three:

8th#edbkchat is a hashtag used for discussions on educational books. It’s also a terrific resource about continuing education.

9th#pblchat is a way for educators to share and discuss project-based learning resources.

10th#teachchat is a hashtag regarding the latest and greatest in classrooms as recommended by teachers.

Top 10 Hashtags in Education