Tips for Reading Aloud with Infants & Toddlers

Body Baby Book for Infant Toddlers to Learn Spanish and English

Reading is an integral part of our lives, so it’s important to start reading to children from the day that they’re born.  Infants and toddlers listen and learn everything they hear.  So, it’s important to read aloud to them.  Additionally, when children begin speaking, they’ll start repeating the terms and phrases they’re hearing.  In turn, there vocabulary will increase. Take a look at some tips for reading aloud with infants and toddlers.

Short And Simple

When reading with infants and toddlers it’s best to choose books that are short and simple.  As children in this age group, especially, toddlers, have short attention spans. Additionally, short and simple books allow toddlers to better comprehend and retain the story being told.

Favorites Are OK

Toddlers are known for having favorite books that they love to hear over and over again.  Even though parents and guardians usually get tired of reading the same book or books over again, they should try to have some patience.  It is perfectly all right for toddlers to enjoy hearing the same story, as they are utilizing their memorization and comprehension skills each time they hear the story.

Relatable Books

In order to ingrain basic concepts of everyday life, parents should choose books that their toddlers can relate too.  You can choose books that follow the everyday life of its’ characters. By doing so, toddlers will be able to recognize activities such as sleeping, getting dressed, eating, etc.  If infants and toddlers come from a bilingual household, parents can read bilingual books to their children.  This will help to reinforce knowledge of both languages.

Encourage Questions

Toddlers are typically inquisitive, so parents should help foster their curiosity by encouraging them to ask questions.  Parents should also ask their toddlers questions regarding the stories that have been read. By doing so, children will begin to form critical thinking and inference skills.

Body Baby Book for Infant Toddlers to Learn Spanish and English

Body Baby Book for Infant Toddlers to Learn Spanish and English