Bilingual STEM Activities – 17 Elementary Level Books and Activities

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This product includes 15 FREE STEM activities with purchase of 17 books to use with the STEM activities to include:
A New Sun
Just Like My Sister
Family Stories
The Shark That Taught Me English
Maria de Flor
Flores Family Cafe
Teo and the Brick
Telma the Little Ant
Vines of the Earth

The Oldest House in the USA
Tom Max in the Wild West
Letters Forever
The Art of Memory
Teo in Palo Verde
Teo Goes to the Circus
Boy Zorro and the Bully
Where Love Begins



17 Elementary bilingual STEM activities with purchase of 17 Elementary level bilingual children’s books for classroom use or parent involvement. This is a wonderful opportunity to help parents learn about STEM and will show parents how to have fun at home with their Elementary age kids.

This product includes 17 FREE STEM activities with purchase of 15 books.

Shipping costs for all 17 books is $10.00