Parent and Family Engagement with English Learners

English Learners and Parent Engagement

English Learners and Parent Engagement

Parent engagement is the number one predictor of early literacy success and academic achievement. Research shows that reading daily to young children stimulates early brain development and helps build key language, literacy, and social skills. For English Learners this is even more important as their parents are often speaking and reading in Spanish while their children are learning in English.

The Latino Family Literacy Project is the nation’s premier provider of parent involvement programs for English Learners and their parents. It is a research-based and White House Award-winner for Educational Excellence with Hispanics. One of the best ways for Spanish-speaking parents and kids to learn academics together is through school programs to support the entire family. It all starts with teachers and staff being trained in cultural competency. The program uses bicultural and award-winning books created specifically for English Learners for academic support and the activities support the diverse skills in the Latino community.

The Latino Family Literacy Project introduces the teachers to a culturally relevant framework, a language acquisition method and a step- by-step literacy instruction process for home reading. It involves family reading for Hispanic parent involvement, vocabulary development, and English-language development for parents and their children.

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