Helping Preschool Kids to Love Books

Helping Preschool Kids to Love Books Helping Preschool Kids to Love Books

Helping Preschool Kids to Love Books
In helping preschool kids to love books, you want to keep it light and fun. Books should make us laugh or smile, draw us into dragon-slaying sleuths, transport us to faraway lands, basically make us feel all the feels along the way, says the Parents website. If we treat books like they’re magical, kids will grow up believing that too, it says.

A literacy article by the University of California says the picture storybook is especially appropriate for preschoolers because of the simple story line and the clear, colorful illustrations which often give additional information not covered in the text. Stories with rhymes and other repeated patterned sounds are particularly interesting to children, too. In general, picture storybooks usually remain some of children’s favorite books long after their preschool years.

Here are a few expert- and mom-approved ideas from the Parent site in helping preschool kids to love books:

1. Theme your nook.

A quiet, cozy, full-of-books nook should be a must in the home. Children adore forts so just draping two chairs and tossing a blanket over them can do the trick.

2. Give the gift that keeps them reading.

When in-laws ask about birthday presents, suggest books, books and more books. You’ll be teaching your child that books are an excellent way to connect with others, too.

3. Read aloud—even when they don’t need it.

Reading aloud is social and educational and social, so there are layers of value to it. Listening also gives tired kiddos a break.

The Department of Education says to try to spend about 30 minutes daily reading with your kids. At first, just read a few minutes at a time, several times a day. As your child gets older, you’ll be able to tell if he or she wants you to read longer. Don’t be discouraged if you skip a day. Just get back to a daily routine as soon as possible.

For the English language learners in the country, books are especially important to help them grasp and learn English while also prompting them to read. For Latino ELL preschoolers this holiday season, consider bilingual picture books from Lectura Books. For individual books and discounted products, you can take advantage of their free shipping, too, from December 7 thru December 31, 2017!

Along with creating fun, inspirational bilingual books, its parent company, The Latino Family Literacy Project, provides proven, age-specific literacy programs to also help inspire reading between children and parents at home. Through a half-day professional development training program or online webinar, the organization trains teachers on helping parents establish a reading routine using bilingual books, which assists with fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and overall language development for not only the child but parents, too. For more information, please contact Lectura Books or The Latino Family Literacy Project.