Resources for ELL Parent Involvement

Resources for ELL Parent Involvement

Under the new federal law for ESSA, English Learners become more than just one of many student subgroups whose academic achievements must be tracked by schools receiving federal Title I dollars for low-income children. Their progress toward English proficiency becomes a priority in a state’s school accountability system.

Consistent with its shift of power from Washington to the states, the new law will continue the No Child Left Behind Act’s requirement that states write their own standards for English language development that correspond to a state’s science, math and English language arts standards for all students. States must create their own English language proficiency test, identify schools with the lowest-performing English Learners and then oversee plans for school improvement. They must report the progress of long-term English Learners, those still not proficient after receiving language support for five years.

Below are states with a large number of Spanish-speaking students and states with fast growing Spanish-speaking students.   

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Lectura Books is a terrific resource for books, parent engagement with English Learners and Staff Development for a complete cultural competency for reaching out to Spanish-speaking parents.