Common Practices and Values of the Top 6 High Schools

A research team from the Stanford Graduate School of Education released a study last month outlining the common practices and values of the top 6 high schools responsible for having an exemplary record of graduated and career-ready ELLs. The researchers profiled 7 key elements shared by all schools that contributed to their ELL success: Passionate, strategic, mission-driven leadership. Principals, assistant principals, … Read More

President Obama’s 2017 Budget for Education

President Obama’s 2017 Budget for Education The Obama Administration just released the fiscal year 2017 budget and it’s calling for $69.4 billion for educational excellence, a $1.3 billion increase from the 2016 budget. According to the U.S. Department of Education, the 2017 budget will allow further actions that will build on previous objectives, as well as, establish new ones. Acting … Read More

More Families Reading Together But Poverty Has Impact

Current data shows that families are increasingly reading to their children. In 1993, household surveys conducted by the United States Department of Education, National Center for Educational Statistics, showed that approximately 78 percent of children ages 3-5 were read to by a family member at least 3 times a week. The most recent data in 2012 shows that the figures … Read More

California Adopts New Curriculum Framework for English Learners

The California State Department of Education has adopted a new curriculum framework for English Learners in California, where one quarter of its students are English Learners. California is the first state to combine English language arts and English language development into a curriculum. This video, featured in the Common Core Channel, provides an overview of the English Language Arts/English Language … Read More

What is the Day of the Dead?

What is the Day of the Dead? The Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico during November 1st and November 2nd. It coincides with All Soul’s & All Saint’s Day which are more catholic holidays, but the indigenous people have combined this with their own ancient beliefs of honoring their deceased loved ones. They … Read More

Spanish Leads Among United States’ English Language Learners

Spanish leads the nation as the top language spoken at home by United States’ English Language Learners. In a fact sheet recently published by the Migration Policy Institute outlining the top languages spoken by United States’ English Language Learners, 71% of ELLs speak Spanish at home followed by Chinese at 4%.   The fact sheet further notes that Spanish predominates … Read More

Improving vocabulary for school by reading and talking as a family

Improving vocabulary for school by reading and talking together as a family might be understood by many middle class parents, but it’s not so obvious to low income families, who may not have a middle class understanding of parenting, language development, and academic success. In the United States, we have a fast growing demographic of English Learners. The majority of … Read More

The Power of Family Engagement with Hispanic Parents

Family Engagement with Hispanic Parents We review research on parent involvement on an ongoing basis. In reviewing the research, major educational studies, and overviews of the evidence, it is clear that parent involvement works and is a powerful determinant in whether or not a child succeeds in school. The overwhelming research also concludes that the collaboration between parents and schools … Read More

Back-to-school teacher workshops for English learners

Teacher Workshops for English learners and Parent Involvement Teachers often need to be trained to work with parents at their schools if they are to effectively reach the student in class and meet their needs. Parents are the missing link in our education system. Working with parents can be particularly rewarding when you start to put together the pieces to … Read More

New Jersey Focus on Parent Engagement for English Learners

New Jersey Focus on Parent Engagement for English Learners “Research indicates a strong association between parent involvement with a child’s education both at home and at school and student performance in school. Engaging parents is particularly important for English learners and students from low‐income families. In fact, greater parent involvement is correlated with higher student test scores and better grades … Read More