For those people who may not be able to attend an in-person workshop, The Latino Family Literacy Project™ offers online training that is grade level specific. The webinars are approximately 1.5 hours and provide training for the implementation of our programs from infant/toddler, preschool, elementary, and middle/high school levels.

The webinars encompass research and trends, including a cultural competency overview for working with Hispanic ESL parents. It provides ideas as to how to get Hispanic parents involved in the school community, grade level specific program training, and English Language Development tools and curriculum.

Our upcoming webinar dates and times may be found on our website under Workshop Locations. We ship the curriculum manuals in advance for review during the online training. For 6 or more staff members, we will even schedule a private webinar just for your group at a date and time that is convenient for you.

All webinars include a cultural competency training, the curriculum manual and program training, and ongoing support.

Comments from a few 2016 Online Webinar attendees:

Elementary Program Training: “What I enjoyed most about this training was all the information, images, and examples for teaching parents step by step.”
Elementary Program Training: “Thank you so much for letting me know about this program. I believe in my bilingual students and I want them to be successful in this country. I am very confident that this program is going to help us to reach this goal.”
Elementary Program Training: “What I enjoyed most about this training was everything! The training was so easy to understand. I am really happy to know that I can help our Latino parents.”
Middle / High School Program Training: “I loved that I could attend from my computer.”
Middle / High School Program Training: “Simple, and forthright. Easy to understand, and parallels the handbook. Presenter was well-versed in the content area, and well spoken.”
Preschool Program Training: “It has helped me to feel prepared and excited to implement the Latino Literacy Program at the school sites I serve.”
Elementary Program Training: “I really learned how to work with parents in a culturally relevant program to build reading and vocabulary.”
Elementary & Middle / High School Program Training: “It has helped in realizing diverse ways I can bring in the community to benefit our parents and our students.”

Comments from a few 2015 Online Webinar attendees:

“It was great to hear the tips about creating a space that is welcoming, motivating, and culturally responsive.”
“The explanation of need, in the beginning portion of the webinar, was explained very well. These points are crucial to hear to be able to respond to parents, both Latino and of other communities, to better understand our schools make-up and needs. Truly culturally responsive.”
“What I enjoyed most about this training was how to use each book to make the most of each class for all parents.”
“I received great tips on how to run the class and it was a great overview of each class.”
“Walking through the program helped me feel more comfortable in implementing the program.”
“What I enjoyed most about this training was there was a lot of in depth explanation of detail in Spanish and English comparison and great homework ideas.”