Lectura Books offers a collection of the best bilingual children's books ever!

Award-Winning Bilingual Children’s Books

English and Spanish Language Development Experts

Written with Parents and Kids in Mind.
Award-Winning. Culturally Engaging. For School Success.

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Lectura Books publishes bilingual books for bilingual Parent Involvement and are offered by The Latino Family Literacy Project, which requires staff development for effective implementation.

Parent Programs

Parent Involvement Programs for Title I & Title III for ESL.
Our programs and curricula are fully bilingual (Spanish and English) and so are our bilingual books!
Use the language you want without the hassle of translating.
Each program is easy and FUN to implement.
Parents actually LOVE coming to the programs!

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Professional Development

Cultural Competency . Program Training for Parent Involvement . Family Reading . Bilingual Children’s Books . English Language Development

Our focus is to provide staff development for teachers and school staff to work with Spanish-speaking parents and children for English Language Development.