Workshop Pricing Professional Development Workshop – Find the best staff Professional Development title I and title III books and programs for Parent Involvement with English Learners at

Workshop Pricing

Program Training, Books, and Materials

Training Workshops: California $200
States outside California $250
Webinar Workshops $200
Workshops include the curriculum binder and ongoing program support
Program Materials Costs:
Infant/Toddler Lending Library: (180 picture books & 20 CD’s) $1,500
Preschool Lending Library: (180 picture books) $1,500
Elementary Lending Library (180 picture books) $1,500
Middle/High Program Kit: (40 chapter books & materials) $600
Literacy Kit: (for album-making activities) $350
Shipping: (for each item) $20
All-Inclusive Special Offer Infant, Preschool, or Elementary $1,950
All-Inclusive Special Offer College Awareness $600

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